Equal Opportunities

The Beanstalk is committed to treating each individual as a person in his or her own right. All children are different, and it is this that creates their uniqueness and individuality, which contributes to the richness of humanity. We are all different, but we are all of equal worth - different but equal.

We strongly believe that children should be able to feel good and confident about themselves. Our curriculum is planned to empower children and aims to ensure cooperation and respect; to encourage children to look at others' point of view and stress similarities between people and races rather than emphasising the differences.

Children might from time to time encounter difficulties in their development. It can be a hearing impairment, delayed speech or behavioural difficulties and we work in partnership with parents to offer support and advice.

Children with English as an additional language will often take their time in a new environment and they will observe and absorb a new language for a while before feeling confident enough to use it. By using visual aids we can help children with little or no English.

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