Montessori Teachers

The Montessori teacher is not the centre of the classroom. Instead she is often almost unnoticed in the room as the children work. She has no desk and spends time working with children at their tables or on a mat on the floor.

The teacher is a keen observer and aware of each child's level. The teacher will guide, but not rush. The teacher's role is to meet each child's individual needs - to facilitate and gently guide, then stand back as they work independently.

Many of the Beanstalk teachers are fully qualified Montessori teachers with many years experience that started at The Beanstalk as students. They pride themselves in their work and are always available for a chat first thing in the morning.

We operate a key person system where each child is allocated a key person who will follow your child throughout the school getting to know you and your child and establishing a good parent/teacher relationship.